Can you actually spend Bitcoin?
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Can you actually spend Bitcoin?


Why would you buy a cryptocurrency if you don't know a place to spend it? In our everyday lives we still use FIAT currencies everywhere we go. The list of crypto accepting companies is growing day by day but you don’t have to wait for all of them. There’s a place where you can use your BTC to get almost anything you want just right now.

How do I spend Bitcoin?

We want our customers to make their lives easier by using cryptocurrencies so we cooperate with, a place where you can spend your crypto fast and securely. You can use your crypto in two ways, either by buying gift cards or refilling your phone. You may think it's not much but other products will be added in the future.

On the gift cards page, you can browse through hundreds of available options for all kinds of companies. If you want to add money to your LoL account - they got you. Want Spotify premium plan? No problem. You can find offers of cards for:

  • Uber
  • Skype
  • Steam
  • Google Play
  • iTunes

and many more that are just waiting for you.

Does Amazon accept Bitcoin?

Amazon doesn’t accept Bitcoin directly but it accepts Amazon gift cards you can buy using crypto. That's why through SimpleBuy you can use your Bitcoin to get stuff from Amazon. Just select Amazon gift card from the list and you'll see cards for different countries.

Select the one you need and since Amazon offers pretty much all the thing you can imagine, that effectively lets you buy anything with Bitcoin!

How do I get a virtual Visa or Mastercard with Bitcoin?

Let's say that you want to spend some Bitcoin on a website that doesn't accept crypto. SimpleBuy lets you buy pre-paid virtual credit cards! You can use them on most e-commerce services just like a physical one. This makes you able to pay with Bitcoin almost everywhere you want!

Can I pay with Bitcoin on Zalando?

Not directly, just like in Amazon case above. And just like there, SimpleBuy offers you gift cards ready to use on Zalando. Wear clothes bought with Bitcoin - that's the 21st century! You can spend your cryptocurrency on:

  • casual clothing
  • shoes
  • accessories
  • sports clothing

and everything else you can find on Zalando website.

What else can I spend Bitcoin on?

SimpleBuy lets you buy all variety of cards. You can spend them on many more gift cards brand not mentioned before, such as :

  • xBox
  • Eneba
  • Battlenet
  • Skype
  • Vodafone

and many more! Just go there and see for yourself how useful the Bitcoin became.

How do I buy and pay with Bitcoin?

Summarizing, now you have all the tools to buy stuff from all over the world. You can buy crypto on Crypto Voucher and then purchase gift cards in any fiat currency allowing you to spend USD or EUR without the need to get out of your home!