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Definitions used in these Terms & Conditions shall have the following meaning:
Crypto Vouchermeans a bearer document with a given nominal value, which is a type of an instrument of entitlement (alphanumeric code) which enables non-cash payment for its redemption through the Website; this crypto voucher may be used to purchase only limited range of goods or services, i.e. cryptocurrencies offered on the Website. Crypto Voucher is neither an electronic payment instrument, nor a smart card in accordance with legal regulations in force; FINTEGENCE is the issuer of Crypto Voucher;
Consumermeans any natural person who is acting for purposes which are outside his trade, business, craft or profession;
FINTEGENCEmeans Fintegence s.r.o. with its registered office in Slovak Republic, Palárikova 76 022 01 Čadca, National Business Registry Number 47 956 925, VAT SK2024158059, entered the register of entrepreneurs conducted by District Court Bratislava I, section: Sro., entry 101261/B;


E-mail: [email protected]

Phone number: 0048791 024 057
Available from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00 CET.

Partners of Fintegence means entrepreneurs who participate in FINTEGENCE affiliate program and who in the course of their business activity sell Crypto Voucher to Users;
T&Cmeans these Crypto Voucher terms & conditions, including all later amendments;
Websitemeans website on which User may redeem Crypto Voucher; website is available on www.cryptovoucher.io;
Usermeans the purchaser or holder of the Crypto Voucher.
    1. These T&C set the rights and obligations of the User and FINTEGENCE in obtaining and using Crypto Voucher issued by FINTEGENCE.
    2. Crypto Voucher shall only be used to obtain one of several cryptocurrencies available on the Website.
    3. Without prejudice to any provisions of these T&C, Crypto Voucher may not be used to purchase another Crypto Voucher, and/or it may not be exchanged into any monetary equivalent, including goods and services. The aforesaid principle shall also apply to the situation when Crypto Voucher is not used within the period of its validity.
    4. Crypto Voucher shall not be restricted or blocked by the User without the prior consent of FINTEGENCE.
    5. Crypto Vouchers nominal value is expressed in the currency provided on the Crypto Voucher itself or on website Fintegence Partners website; it represents the value that may be used by the User to redeem a particular cryptocurrency through the Website.
    6. Crypto Voucher is valid for the period of 180 (one hundred eighty) consecutive days from the date on which it has been generated. The expiration of the validity of Crypto Voucher does not allow to use it.
    7. Crypto Voucher shall be issued exclusively, only to one bearer.
    8. Crypto Vouchers and the Website are not available to users from Hong Kong.
    1. Purchase of the Crypto Voucher can be made either in stationary shops which belong to Fintegence Partners, or through their online shops.
    2. After successful purchase of Crypto Voucher in Fintegence Partners shop or website, User shall be entitled to its redeem by entering the authorization code in the designated place on the Website. Afterwards User shall be informed what is the amount of cryptocurrency, which he/she may receive by usage of that Crypto Voucher. Upon redemption of the Crypto Voucher, cryptocurrency is transferred to the deposit indicated by the User or to the deposit created by the User while making the purchase.
    3. FINTEGENCE does not have its own deposit. User fully agrees that in the event of use deposit other than available upon https://bitbaypay.com/ (BitBay Pay), he/she is to be obligated to pay additional transaction fee presented during redeeming process of Crypto Voucher on the Website.
    4. User shall not be entitled to receive funds in parts upon redemption of the Crypto Voucher on the Website. Crypto Voucher is always redeemed for its total nominal value.
    5. At any point of redemption, User may be asked to provide additional informations and documents required for the KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure in order to comply with applicable AML (Anti-Money Laundering) legislation. FINTEGENCE reserves the right to hold User transactions until User was fulfill verified according to AML laws, and may reject granting its services if such a procedure was not completed. If customer choose "Automated KYC", all of his data for KYC purposed will be given and hosted by Veriff OU, Registry code 12932944, Tartu mnt 10, Tallinn 10145, Estonia.
    6. To the fullest extent permitted by law, FINTEGENCE may not be held responsible for any financial losses in case if the Crypto Voucher is lost, destroyed or used without permission by an unauthorized person, or for any other reasons which are outside of FINTEGENCE control.
  3. RISK
    1. The User acknowledges and agrees that cryptocurrency trading market is decentralized, characterized by substantial volatility and liquidity. At the same time, User acknowledges that the redemption offer of the Crypto Voucher expressed in cryptocurrency visible on the Website during the whole purchasing process, is valid for a specified time of 15 seconds. After expiration of time set forth in previous sentence, the redemption offer may change due to a change in the rate of the cryptocurrency.
    2. User declares that he/she expressly understands that after redemption a given cryptocurrency via Website, its rate of exchange may significantly change, FINTEGENCE shall not be held liable for such situation.
    1. FINTEGENCE reserves the right to temporarily or permanently block Crypto Voucher validity in the following cases: (i) Crypto Voucher is used in a manner that is contrary to applicable provisions of law or provisions of these T&C (ii) Crypto Voucher is obtained in a manner contrary to applicable law, (iii) expiration of the Crypto Voucher.
    1. Complaints concerning Crypto Voucher shall be sent in a written form to the address of FINTEGENCE registered office with a note Crypto Voucher complaint (note is not mandatory), or sent electronically via contact subpage available at www.cryptovoucher.io. Complaints regarding Crypto Voucher may also be submitted in writing, directly to the shops or through the Fintegence Partners websites. Compliant shall contain data allowing identification of the User and responding to his complaint (name and surname/name of the recipient, address of residence, e-mail address). The reason of the complaint shall be provided as well.
    2. All complaints related to Crypto Voucher purchase and use shall be examined by FINTEGENCE within the 30 calendar days starting from the date of raising the complaint. Complaints shall be examined on the basis of provisions included in these T&C and generally applicable provision of law.
    3. Complaint shall be answered electronically (e-mail) or in writing (by post), depending on how the complaint was filed.
    1. FINTEGENCE is responsible for the proper performance of the contract executed with the User, taking into consideration these T&C.
    2. To the fullest extent permitted by law, FINTEGENCE is not responsible if the Crypto Voucher is lost, destroyed or used without permission by an unauthorized person, for the reasons which are outside of FINTEGENCE control.
    1. User accepts and acknowledges that cryptocurrency constitutes digital content.
    2. Under generally applicable law, the User, who has a status of Consumer, is not entitled to withdraw from the agreement executed with the FINTEGENCE in the event of expressing the contest by the User to immediate performance of the contract by the FINTEGENCE through accepting a checkbox on the Website in this respect.
    1. Force Majeure shall mean any event which is outside FINTEGENCE control and which correct implementation of the provisions included in T&C is not possible. Force Majeure shall specifically include:
      1. riots, strikes, lack of electricity supply, fire, lack of connection, cataclysm, armed conflicts;
      2. terrorist attacks and related events;
      3. destruction of FINTEGENCE business office or circumstances preventing FINTEGENCE from conducting operational activity;
      4. situations in which quotes of the cryptocurrency are suspended, terminated or if particular market has been closed;
      5. situations in which specific cryptocurrency market was imposed with specific requirements or principles which do not allow their purchase in accordance with the rules in force;
      6. failure in telecommunications network, for which FINTEGENCE shall not be liable
      7. computer hardware failure which does not allow IT systems to function properly, for which FINTEGENCE shall not be liable
      8. Internet connection failure due to problems occurring on the side of the supplier or due to network congestion
      9. failure in telecommunications system, for which FINTEGENCE shall not be liable
    2. Upon the occurrence of an event of force majeure, FINTEGENCE shall not be liable for any impediments, delays or failure to perform obligations pursuant to the provisions of these T&C.
    1. FINTEGENCE has the right to amend those T&C, in case one of the following occurs:
      1. changes in generally applicable law affecting the provision of services covered by this T&C insofar as this will necessitate adapting the provisions of the T&C to the solutions resulting from such change;
      2. changing the case law of common courts or issuing new resolutions, decisions, recommendations or other acts issued by the authorities authorized to issue binding regulations;
      3. introducing new products or services to FINTEGENCE's offering and modifying the functionality of products, services or service delivery methods due to technological considerations.
    2. FINTEGENCE has the right to change the T&C at any time without giving any reason, with the reservation that such change will not apply to the Crypto Voucher issued until the date of amendment of the T&C.
    1. The content of these T&C is available for free download and enrollment by any interested person in electronic version on the Website. The T&C are also available in the FINTEGENCE Partner stores. At the request of the User, FINTEGENCE will provide the User with the contents of these T&C in writing.
    2. Each User is obliged to inform another User to whom he/she transfers the Crypto Voucher, subject to the following T&C, and in particular that: (i) Crypto Voucher may only be used in the Fintegence Partner's stores; (ii) Crypto Voucher is not refundable or exchangeable; (iii) Crypto Voucher is valid for a certain period of time, and (iv) the T&C can be found at www.cryptovoucher.io and in the Fintegence Partner Stores. Any User who is not a purchaser by accepting Crypto Voucher declares that he/she has read the T&C, accepts its contents in its entirety and agrees to abide by their terms.
    3. Contact with Personal Data Administrator is possible by sending email message to [email protected] or using contact form available in Contact Us section.
    4. Phone number: 0048791 024 057
      Available from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00 CET.